governors bay queen charlotte drive view

Overlooking the Queen Charlotte Sound

Our stunning Marlborough Sounds when measured around its coastline makes up a third of the total
New Zealand Coastline. Our beaches are a mix of sand and pebbles with hillside streams flowing into the sea. 

Crystal clear water where you can see the bottom and as you can see a glorious shade of green.
The colours change and sometimes brilliant blue, or with the sun shining - a true sparkle and delight.

Every third family would have a boat or yacht and many have baches, some with their own wharf that are dotted around in quiet tranquil bays. These days permanent homes can be seen on the hillside, however the remoteness has allowed the Sounds to be a private haven even today.

This view is of the Queen Charlotte Sound that hosts the regular crossings of the Inter Islander Ferries and Bluebridge rail service from Wellington to Picton and return. Coming through Tory Channel a very narrow inlet from the main ocean takes extreme navigation.
Marlborough's Port of Picton also hosts cruise ships through-out the summer season.