karaka point amazing views

Cruise Groups just Love Karaka Point

Cruise tours depart from Port of Picton through to Blenheim and the Marlborough wine region.

After a splendid day out tasting wine, admiring the spectacular scenic sights and a little bit of our local gourmet, a little extra time is usually found to head up to Karaka Point or even the Victoria Domain for high vantage point views of Picton Port, Queen Charlotte Sound and the ship.

This great group, and I would say all the lovely groups that have traveled with Your Local Chauffeur and have had this experience have said it is one of the main highlights of the day. 

From Karaka Point you have an extended view right up the Sounds and it is great to see it from here and also close up when you depart Picton.
A great spot to picnic while watching the activity of boating and catching the sea breeze.

There is a carved post (pou) at Karaka Point - this tells the story of the legendary navigator Kupe overcoming the giant octopus Te Wheke-o-Muturangi whose head is upside down at the base of the carving.