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YOU MAY LIKE TO CONSIDER A MID-SIZE PERSONAL GROUP or private  tour of the Marlborough wine and scenic region. Plus the added option of the Omaka Heritage Aviation Centre. 
Although you can find great tours for 1-2  or up to 6 and also mini tour vans of up to 11 seats, the 18 seat coaster is quite in demand for  family and/or friends who want to experience the Marlborough region together.

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Rather than a 40 seat bus where you may lose that personal touch or find that the cost could out weigh the value of the tour, come and meet Graham your driver.chauffeur and let him spoil you with his local knowledge, great stories and the surity of a really great time on tour. 

The Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre is quite a hilghlight of this particular tour with Peter Jackson's amazing classic aircraft displays. The unbelievable replica events of WW1 and WW11 are outstanding. 

Your tour would start from the seaside town of Picton where you have arrived with a short 25 minute journey through to the Marlborough wine region.
You will take a scenic journey also through Blenheim and arrive at Omaka for the enthusiasts where they can enjoy 2 hours of  the Aviation displays. A cafe and memorabilia store front is available to relax and mull over the great experience. 
The rest of the group will have been tasting some declicious wines and Graham will come and collect the others to rejoin the group.
More wine could be on the cards so everyone is up to speed.

The centre of the Marlborough wine region sits flat on the Wairau Plains and a travel loop has been created with the wineries and activities so you can see the very best of everything. 
Your next stop on the loop is a country resort or an icon village stop for light refreshment or platters. This stop is at your cost and really great value to sample some local cuisine and perhaps a glass of local wine.

Everyone loves CHOCOLATE.....a must stop before heading back to Picton for a delicious chocolate tasting and for some tempting to purchase. 

The tour start time varies with each ship. The general rule from the time of arriving at the wharf is that you need  to allow 1.5 hours to arrive into the Picton Visitors Centre via the free bus shuttles. Graham and all tour providers will be in the Picton Visitors Centre car park waiting by their vehicles. Graham will have a signboard with your name.

For ship's less than 1000 pax the bus shuttles may not be running. In this instance it is only a 2 minute walk from the ship to the Visitors Centre.

It could be possible to be collected from the ship if you advise the Port Authority officer at the wharf where you disembark to phone Graham.
Details can be provided on your voucher or if you are booking directly on line today all details will be provided in your confirmation receipt.

You will return approximately 2 hours prior to your ships departure and in plenty of time for your bus shuttle back to the ship.
If you have been picked up at the ship then you can return directly to the ship.

Remember the minimum seats for your booking is 12 for either a group or private group booking. The maximum is 18.

Enquiries prior to booking are welcome. There are not many coasters available from Picton on cruise ship days so book well in advance for your personal middle size group. 

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