Getting to know us in Marlborough New Zealand

winter in the vineyards

Winter time in Marlborough is a great time to visit.

When you are in the middle of a very hot summer at home, come to NZ for a cooler climate but warm sunny days of 19 degrees.

We have a short rainy season and a very short cold season. The beauty in Autumn and Winter in the vineyards is outstanding.
See more posts for Autumn.

Wine is for all occasions, all weathers and Your Local Chauffeur is very busy in the winter with a very special winter rate so you can enjoy a private tour, drink sensational Marlborough wines, Savour the best michelin standard cuisine and gourmet treats and partake of local winter produce.

Less visitors in winter time make a pleasant relaxed tour of the wineries.
Australia - you know you love New Zealand - come back and visit us soon. 

grove mill winery cellar door host katrina amazing storiesries

Katrina has an array of wonderful wine stories just for you of the Marlborough wine region.Visiting her at Grove Mill Winery is such a pleasure for my tour guests.
She has travelled all around the world with a passion for wine and especially food/cuisine and is the best ambassador for Blenheim, Renwick, Awatere Valley and beyond.

Her favourite wine is Pinot Noir and pairs perfectly with her favourite seafood - Salmon being one of our local Marlborough delicacies.
Grove Mill wines are the culmination of Foley Wines and Vavasour Wines with a very special twist - offering Lighthouse gin - with a hint of lime.
It is a must taste and a major drawcard for Your Local Chauffeur's tours and guests.