2016 Reviews


19 MARCH 2016

Pamela our local tour lady was amazing. She grew up there. Knows the area inside out. Wine tour is fantastic. Excellent choice of vineyards. The lunch restaurant she took us to was a must visit. it was a beautiful vineyard restaurant. The food was out of this world and price is cheap. The chocolate shop and local highlights were great. You will need a local person like Pamela to show you. Don't waste your money with cruise ship tours. You will not be disappointed with Pamela and her crew.
Thank you Pamela for a wonderful day and memory.



9 MARCH 2016

My friend and I were searching for a customised tour as she had a strong knowledge of wine and I just wanted to try it. We ran into Pamela at a winery and followed up. She was very flexible in fitting us into a tour the following day and revising her itinerary at the last moment to suit both of us and the other couple on the tour. We fitted in a lot during the day and Pamela was more than happy to change to suit our needs throughout. Also had good knowledge of the wineries as well as general local area knowledge. At the end of the day when we couldn't take any more wine, Pamela took us to see a lovely  high viewpoint instead. Overall a great experience.



4 MARCH 2016

An incredible experience! Came as a whiskey and red wine drinker, and I am leaving with a crate full of white wines - especially the beautiful Sauvignon Blanc's of this beautiful region. Pamela was fantastic these last two days responding to our every need. I could not recommend her services enough! We all certainly plan on coming again.


16 FEBRUARY 2016

My wife arranged in advance the tour with Pamela via email. Pamela was very responsive and easy to work with is to customize a tour as we would have only about 4.5 hours off our cruise ship in the Picton area. We wanted to visit a couple of local attractions, a winery or two, but especially the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. Pamela put together a tour working our requests into a near seamless mix with other tourists that had other request stops. Pamela really helped make the most out of the time we had in Picton and the surrounding areas, and because she was able to combine our tour with others, she afforded us a considerable savings. Her van was very comfortable and Pamela provided informative commentary and conversation about the area, scenery and history. If you do decide to book with Pamela (and I recommend you do) make sure your tour includes a stop at the Makana Chocolates. The chocolates and other confections are wonderful. Remember, Pamela can work with you to customize a tour, so be it history, scenery of wines, talk to Pamela and see what she can put together for you. Thanks for everything Pamela.

Robert B. 


22 JANUARY 2016

A fantastic day filled with lots of wine tasting and great outlook of the area.
Thank you Pamela

Angela, Gordon and Wella, Michael and Brett, Peter, Natalie, Ally, Simone, John, Robert, Danielle and Indie